Class 8th Olympiad

Indian Cyber Olympiad Topic wise Sample Test For Class 8th :FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER


1. Which one of the following standards supports hot plugging?

(a) PCI (b) USB (c) Wishbone (d) Plug and Play

2. A piano style keyboard is known as

(a) Dvorak (b) Braille (c) MIDI (d) QWERT

3. Select the INCORRECT match.

4. Which of the following is NOT a example of third generation computer?

(a) VAX 9000 (b) IBM 360/370 (c) CDC 6600 (d) PDP-11

5. Which of the following is NOT a fourth generation technology?


6. Which of the following is the characteristics of Non-Impact printers?

(a) They do not make physical contact between the printer head and the paper.

(b) They are quieter than impact printers.

(c) These printers have better print quality.

(d) All of these

7. Select the odd one out (regarding supercomputer).

(a) Sunway TaihuLight (b) PARAM Yuva II (c) Titan (d) MacOS Seirra

8. A non-volatile Random Access Memory where data is stored as magnetic storage element is

(a) DRAM (b) SRAM (c) Flash memory (d) MRAM

9. Which of the following is NoT a type of srAM?

(a) Async SRAM (b) DO SRAM (c) Sync SRAM (d) DDR Sync SRAM

10. DDr3 is a type of RAM. What does DDr stand for?

(a) Differential Data Rate (b) Double Data Rate (c) Dual Data Rate (d) Double Dual Rate

11. Select the INCORRECT match.

(a) 1 Petabyte = 1024 Terabytes

(b) 1 Zettabyte = 1024 Exabytes

(c) 1 Exabyte = 1024 Petabytes

(d) 1 Yottabyte = 1024 Exabytes

12. Which of the following secondary storage devices allows to read and write information multiple times, but with the write operation being much slower than the read operation?

(a) CD-RW (b) Flash memory (c) CD-R (d) Both (a) and (b)

13. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about the secondary memory?

(a) It is also known as auxiliary memory.

(b) Floppy disk, hard disk, flash drive, etc. are examples of secondary
storage devices.

(c) The CPU can directly access the secondary memory while processing

(d) All of these

14. If the capacity of a floppy disk is 1.44 MB then it can store up to ________ bytes.

(a) 1.44 × 1024 (b) 1.44 × 1024 × 1024 (c) 1.44 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 (d)
1.44 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024

15. Identify the storage medium by the description given below.

– It is the most popular storage medium for large data sets accessed

– It consists of vertical columns called frames and horizontal rows called

– It separates records by blank spaces called inter-record gaps (IRG) to
identify different pieces of data.

(a) Floppy disk (b) Hard disk (c) Magnetic tape (d) Flash drive

16. Which of the following options will replace the blank space to calculate the storage capacity of an optical disk? Number of _______ x Number of bytes per sector

(a) Bytes (b) Tracks (c) Sectors (d) Bits

17. Identify the following.

– It is a secondary storage device, that consists of one or more rotating
disks called platters.

– Platters are divided into tracks and sectors.

– It accesses the data in a random manner.


18. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about CD-ROM?

(a) It is a silver coated circular disc.

(b) It can hold upto 1024 MB of data.

(c) It can record text, graphics, video and sound.

(d) It stores less data than a DVD-ROM.

19. The cable shown in this image is called a ________ cable. It is an IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) standard for connecting devices like optical drives and hard drives to the motherboard.

(a) SATA (b) Ethernet (c) EIDE (d) PS/2

20. The given image is of smart card. It can be used.

(a) for data storage (b) for personal identification (c) to activate RAM in CPU (d) both (a) and (b)

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Class 8th Olympiad

Indian Cyber Olympiad Topic wise Sample Test For Class 8th :Trends In IT



1. __________ is a technology, using which machines can mimic the behavior of human nose, tongue or eye.

(a) Immersive Reality (b) E-sensing (c) E-Immersion (d) Augmented Reality

2. Smart Covers in tablet computers are used to ______.

(a) protect the touchscreen and save energy (b) fix the device to a wall  c) type and input text (d) provide internet connectivity

3. Select the odd one out.


4. _________ is a videotelephony and VOIP software application, developed by Apple Inc.

(a) FaceTime (b) Facebook (c) Safari (d) Skype

5. Select the odd one out.


6. On Myspace, what are “moods”?

(a) Myspace fans (b) E-mail messages (c) Emoticons (d) Instant messages

7. What is an easter egg?

(a) A secret message in application typically used to display credits to the development team.

(b) A secret message in some software which is displayed on the eve of easter.

(c) A dangerous computer virus which was discovered on easter.

(d) A mobile operating system released on easter, 2013.

8. The use of smart card is a type of __________

(a) authentication (b) authorization (c) modelling (d) all of the above

9. Which one of the following is not a search engine?

(a) Excite (b) Snap (c) Fox2 (d) All of the above

10. Find the odd one out.

(a) Kobo Mini (b) Google Nexus (c) Kindle (d) Nook Simple Touch

11. What is the first thing you should consider when making something in 3D printing?

(a) Quality (b) Functionality (c) Quantity (d) Size

12. An e-sensing device is also called

(a) transistor (b) thermistor (c) sensor (d) transducer

13. One-Drive allows users to collaborate and share documents in________.

(a) real time (b) exaction time (c) compile time (d) none of these

14. Android TV delivers______

(a) a world of content (b) apps (c) games to your living room (d) all of these

15. Which of the following statements is/are correct for Android TV?

(a) Android TV is the name of the TV operating system that’s developed in-house at Google.

(b) It’s similar to Google TV and it definitely is not related to Chrome in any way.

(c) Both a & b. (d) None of these


1. E-commerce involves

(a) EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) (b) FDI (fixed data interchange)

(c) CCC (credit card courtesy) (d) None of these

2. It is an entertainment app that helps the parents to keep their kids away from phones or tablets. Vibration, electric buzz, multi-touch, etc; are some of its main features.

(a) Shock app (b) Erasable app (c) Electric Screen (d) Electrical Shock

3. Which of the following is NOT a version of Apple’s desktop operating system?

(a) Mountain Lion (b) Mavericks (c) Gingerbread (d) Yosemite

4. What is iWork?

(a) It is an office suite of applications for Mac and iOS devices.

(b) It is an internet platform for users to download the new games on iOS devices.

(c) It is a website which allows the user to download the songs, pictures, videos, movies, etc., on OS X compatible systems.

(d) Both (b) and (c)

5. Smart Covers in tablet computers are used to ______.

(a) protect the touchscreen and save energy

(b) fix the device to a wall

(c) type and input text

(d) provide internet connectivity

6. What does CERN stands for?

(a) Consiel European Pour la Research Nuclear (b) Control Enumerated Ram Number

(c) Counsel Engine Research Navigator (d) None of these

7. The iphone 3g has a _______.

(a) 2-megapixel camera (b) 2.7-megapixel camera

(c) 3.2-megapixel camera (d) 5-megapixel camera

8. Which of the following sensors are present in Samsung Galaxy S4?

(a) Hall sensor (b) Gesture sensor (c) Proximity (d) All of these

9. A wireless adapter of Your PC or laptop plugs into all of the following except

(a) PS2 port (b) USB port (c) PC card slot (d) None of these

10. How many 10 mega pixel photographs can be stored on a 4GB SDcard?

(a) 2770 (b) 1540 (c) 3080 (d) 6160

11. Which of the following is the latest game released by Rovio developed by 5 Ants game recently?

(a) Tiny thief (b) Angry birds (c) Farmville (d) Star wars

12. Which of the following technologies is programmed in such a way so that it can project related videos onto newspaper articles that you are reading as shown here?


(a) Fourth Sense technology (b) Third Sense technology (c) Sixth Sense technology (d) Eight Sense technology

13. Riya likes to read about wearable gadgets and that’s why she follows many blogs that write about such products. She wants that instead of visiting these blogs, to see if any new content is added to wearable gadgets section, she shall get an update in the browser whenever there is a new content in those particular sections. Which of the following facilities available on those blogging sites can be used for this purpose?


14. Which of the following statements is/are correct for Geo-tagging?

(a) Geo-tagging is a way of storing location data with your photos.

(b) Allowing you to place your photos on an exact location on a map.

(c) Both a & b

(d) None of these

15. Which of the following statements is/are correct for one-drive?

(a) This system does not allow cross-platform synchronization and prevents
data loss.

(b) One-Drive is a cloud-based content management solution that provides
organizations with a platform to collaborate, share and store documents.

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

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Class 8th Olympiad

Indian Cyber Olympiad Topic wise Sample Test For Class 8th :Flash CS6


1. Adobe Flash CS6 was launched in

(a) 2010 (b) 2011 (c) 2012 (d) 2014

2. The default width of line tool is

(a) 2 Pt (b) 3 Pt (c) 1 Pt (d) 1.5 Pt

3. Which of the following tools helps you to draw curved lines?

(a) Oval tool (b) Line tool (c) Rectangle tool (d) Pencil tool

4. Which of the following tools helps you to erase a portion of your drawing?

(a) Oval tool (b) Eraser tool (c) Rectangle tool (d) Pencil tool

5. Which of the following tools helps you to draw four-sided shapes?.

(a) Oval tool (b) Line tool (c) Rectangle tool (d) Pencil tool

6. Which of the following tools helps you to draw free hand?

(a) Oval tool (b) Line tool (c) Rectangle tool (d) Pen tool

7. In Flash CS6, which of the following options is displayed when the Lasso Tool is invoked?

(a) Magic Wand (b) Magic Wand Settings (c) Polygon Mode (d) All of these

8. In which of the given tabs in Flash CS6, you will find ‘snapping’ option?

(a) View (b) Modify (c) Window (d) Control

9. Changing this can sometimes make an animation look smoother.

(a) Frame rate (b) Key frame (c) Mask (d) Layer

10. This area in Flash is similar to the clipboard in Microsoft Office applications.

(a) Dashboard (b) Layers Panel (c) Library Panel (d) Property Inspector

11. The __________ shows the frames in the movie.

(a) toolbar (b) properties pane (c) timeline (d) scene

12. What part of the menu bar allows you to hide/ unhide panels?

(a) View (b) Edit (c) Window (d) None of the above

13. Every animation needs a starting and ending point. _______________ are used to set these.

(a) Scenes (b) Key frames (c) Blank frames (d) Graphic symbols

14. To start Adobe Flash, Click on Start >______> Adobe Flash

(a) Adobe Collection (b) All Programs (c) Run (d) Open

15. Empty key frames are indicated by a _________________ circle on the timeline.

(a) hollow (b) black (c) open eye (d) closed eye

16. What does the abbreviation, FPS means?

(a) Flick Per Scene (b) Frames Per Second (c) Frames Per Scene (d) Flick Per Second

17. A key frame that contains objects will be represented by a ___________ circle.

(a) hollow (b) black (c) blue (d) gray

18. Which bitmap image asset type is optimized for performance in Adobe Flash?

(a) BMP. (b) GIF. (c) JPG. (d) PNG.

19. This is, by far, the most tedious way to create animations.

(a) Shape Tween (b) Motion Tween (c) Mask (d) Frame-by-Frame

20. This is used to change an object from a circle to a square.

(a) Mask (b) Shape tween (c) Motion tween (d) Morphing

21. ____________ is a way to partially hide an image in the layer immediately below another layer. The 2 layers get “locked” together to produce the effect.

(a) Morphing (b) Tweening (c) Stacking (d) Masking

22. The ___________________ is a holding place for all symbols and imported images and sounds within a single Flash file.

(a) Library (b) Timeline (c) Properties (d) Tools panel

23. ____________, when used appropriately, adds to the viewers’ experience, making for a much richer and enjoyable activity.

(a) Advertisements (b) Sound (c) Commercials (d) Tweens

24. Which of the following is a correct keyboard shortcut for hiding panels in Flash CS6?


25. In Flash CS6, which of the following options of the Brush tool is used to paint behind the strokes and the fills in the same layer?

(a) Paint Fills (b) Paint Selection (c) Paint Inside (d) Paint Behind

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Class 8th Olympiad

Indian Cyber Olympiad Topic wise Sample Test For Class 8th :COMPUTER NETWORK & INTERNET


1. A type of port developed by IBM for connecting a mouse or keyboard to a PC is_____.

(a) RJ-45 (b) PS/2 (c) USB (d) VGA

2. Identify the following.


– It has a separate communication link from each computer to a centralised

– If the central computer fails, then entire network becomes inoperable.

(a) Ring topology (b) Bus topology (c) Star topology (d) Mesh topology

3. Which of the following is a mobile calling app for Android, launched on 5th August, 2014 that allows users to make free calls over 2G networks including landline numbers?

(a) Nanu (b) Viber (c) Facetime (d) Skype

4. The ______ computer worm first discovered and researched by eEye Digital Security employees was observed on the internet on 13th July, 2001.

(a) Code Red (b) Kaja (c) KakWorm (d) Ping Pong

5. Which of the following types of network is optimized for a larger geographical area than a LAN and ranges from several blocks of buildings to an entire city?

(a) PAN (b) MAN (c) SAN (d) INTRANET

6. Which of the following networking topologies has a dedicated point-to-point link only to a central controller that is usually a hub and does not allow direct traffic between devices?

(a) Mesh (b) Ring (c) Bus (d) Star

7. Conficker and Blaster are examples of computer________.

(a) worms (b) spywares (c) sensors (d) utilities

8. Which of the following topologies is referred as a multipoint topology where one long cable acts as a backbone to link all the devices in the network?

(a) Star (b) Partial Mesh (c) Bus (d) Both (a) and (b)

9. Blog is a discussion site where articles called posts are published by individuals to express their opinions. Which of the following is NOT a blogging site?


10. Select the odd one out.

(a) Avast (b) ClamWin (c) Disk Killer (d) Quick Heal

11. Select the odd one out.

12. The process of buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices is called _________.

(a) M-Commerce (b) H-Commerce (c) Short-commerce (d) Metro-commerce

13. Which of the following is a technology that is primarily used in defence services to facilitate secret communication and privacy of data?

(a) Encryption (b) Flex (c) Authentication (d) Repudation

14. ________ was the first national commercial online service to offer internet access to its subscribers.

(a) AOL (b) Prodigy (c) MCI mail (d) Delphi

15. Which of the following organizations discusses the technical and operational problems on internet?

(a) ISOC (b) IAB (c) IETF (d) CA

16. A2DP, EDR, LE are terms associated with_________.

(a) Wi-Fi (b) bluetooth (c) processor (d) GPS systems

17. __________ is a set of routine, protocols and tools for building software applications.

(a) API (b) TCP/IP (c) OSI (d) IDE

18. Which of the following was the first widely available networking system for microcomputers which became popular in 1980s for office
automation tasks?

(a) ARPANET (b) ARCNET (c) NSFNET (d) Intergalactic Computer Network

19. Which of the following companies has launched “Satellite Radius”, a multimode laptop series that provides 360° “Flip-and-Fold” convertible

(a) Asus (b) Toshiba (c) Panasonic (d) Dell

20. A kind of E-mail spam where the textual spam message is embedded into picture formats as a means of fooling spam filters is called spam.

(a) junk (b) snap (c) image (d) text

21. A ________ is a standard for creating and handling dynamic web documents.

(a) Common Gateway Interface (b) Command Gateway Interface (c) Transaction
Gateway Interface (d) Server Mail Interface

22. Identify the following.

– It is the page that automatically gets loaded when web browser starts.

– It is the introductory page of a website that contains navigation buttons
and hyperlinks to the related resources that guides users to the key areas
of the website.

(a) Web page (b) Home page (c) Start page (d) Information page

23. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about ‘Sneakernet’?

(a) Transferring computer files between computers by physically moving
removable media such as CDs, flash drives.

(b) Unauthorised access of information from a wireless device.

(c) The process of converting data in a form so that an unauthorised person
cannot understand it.

(d) A private computer network in which multiple PCs are connected to each

24. Select the INCORRECT match regarding the viruses with their examples.

(a) Boot Sector Virus – Stoned

(b) File Virus – Sunday

(c) Multipartite Virus – Cascade

(d) Macro Virus – Melissa

25. Which of the following steps is CORRECT to clear browsing data in Google Chrome web browser?

(a) Customize and control Google Chrome → More tools → Clear browsing data

(b) Bookmark → More tools → Clear browsing history

(c) Bookmark →Settings → Clear browsing history

(d) Bookmark →Tools → Delete history

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Class 8th Olympiad

Indian Cyber Olympiad Topic wise Sample Test For Class 8th :HTML



1. The <title> tag is a/an ________ element.

(a) empty (b) container (c) null (d) tag

2. You can use the ________ tag to add rows to your tables.

(a) <td> and </td> (b) <cr> and </cr> (c)
<th> and </th> (d) <tr> and </tr>

3. Which of the following is used to read a HTML page and render it?

(a) Web server (b) Web browser (c) Web matrix (d) None of these

4. There are how many types of lists in HTML?

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 6

5. The <i> tag makes text __________.

(a) bold (b) inline (c) underline (d) italic

6. Which of the following is used increase the row height in HTML?

(a) cellspacing (b) cellpadding (c) row span (d) col span

7. <ol> tag will create a ________.

(a) ordered list (b) bullet list (c) grocery list (d) none of these

8. What is the correct HTML for making a text input field?

(a) <textinput type = “text”/> (b) <input type = “textfield”>
(c) <text type = “inputfield”> (d) <input type = “text”/>

9. How can you create an e-mail link?

(a) <mail>[email protected]</mail> (b) <lmail href =
[email protected]”>

(c) <a href = “[email protected]”> (d) <a href = “mailto: [email protected]”>

10. How many heading tags are there?

(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6

11. Which one of the following is/are invalid tag in HTML?

(a) <table> (b) <caption> (c) <colspan> (d)

12. A vlink is a ___________.

(a) active link (b) virtual link (c) visited link (d) very good link

13. How can you open a link in a new browser window?

(a) <a href=“url” target=“new”> (b) <link

(c) <a href=“url”new> (d) <a href=“url” target=“=blank”>

14. What is the correct HTML for making a dropdown list?

(a) <input type = “dropdown”/> (b) <select> (c) <input
type=“dropdown”/> (d) <list type=“dropdown”>

15. Which is the correct way to create an Arabic number list?

(a) <ul type = “1”> (b) <ol type = “1”“value=“1” > (c) <il
type =“1”> (d) <li type = “1”>

16. Which of these tags are all <table> tags?

(a) <table><head><div> (b)
<table><tr><td> (c) <table><tr><li> (d)

17. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

(a) <img href=“imgName.gif” alt= “img text”/>

(b) <img src=“imgName.gif’ alt=“img text”/>

(c) <img alt=“img text”>imgName.gif</img>

(d) <image src =“imgName.gif’ alt=”img text”/>

18. Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text italic.

(a) <i> (b) <italic> (c) <text style =“italic”> (d) <i
text =“italic>

19. <font size=”number”> specifies the size of the text in HTML.
What is the range of the “number”?

(a) 1 to 6 (b) 1 to 7 (c) 1 to 8 (d) 1 to 10

20. If the size attribute is NOT defined within the <font> tag in
HTMl, then the default size is_______.

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

21. In HTML, tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from one
page to another.

(a) <link> (b) <a> (c) <access> (d) <hyp>

22. Which of the following HTML codes is CORRECT in terms of tags and
their attributes used?

(a) <img alternate = “No image”> (b) <font textcolor = “blue”>

(c) <hr size = 5 width = “60%”> (d)

23. The textual content that appears in the source HTML document but is
not rendered by the browser is called___________.

(a) entity (b) tags (c) comment (d) value

24. Which of the following HTML statements is correct (regarding the
body attributes with their values)?

(a) <body background= “blue”>

(b) <body text= “small”> (c) <body link= “blue”> (d) <body
vlink= “active”>

25. Which of the following HTML statements will specify the background
image for an HTML document?

(a) <body background= “image.jpg”>

(b) <body bgcolor= “image.jpg”>

(c) <body Bg image= “image.jpg”>

(d) <body background_img= “image.jpg”>

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Class 8th Olympiad

Topic Wise Sample Test For Class 8 NCO:MS Access

6. MS ACCESS 2010

1. Which of the following is a Business software?

(a) Payroll System (b) MS-Access (c) MS-PowerPoint (d) Sybase

2. What is meant by data archiving?

(a) Process of moving inactive data to a separate secondary storage device.

(b) Overwriting previously stored data with new data.

(c) Duplicating data to various storage devices.

(d) Encrypting data to an unreadable format.

3. Microsoft access is a

(a) RDBMS (b) OODBMS (c) ORDBMS (d) Network Database Model

4. What are the columns in a microsoft access table called?

(a) Rows (b) Records (c) Fields (d) Columns

5. DBMS stands for:

(a) Data base management system (b) Data basic management system

(c) Data base multiple system (d) Direct basic multiple system

6. Which of the following is not a type of microsoft access database object?

(a) Table (b) Form (c) Worksheets (d) Modules

7. Computer based record keeping system is known as

(a) Crks (b) Dbms (c) Dms (d) All of the above

8. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a Database Management System?

(a) Controls Data Inconsistency (b) Facilitates Sharing Data (c) Increases
Data Redundancy (d) Maintains Integrity

9. In the given diagram, which type of database has been shown?


(a) Hierarchical (b) Relational (c) Network (d) All of these

10. In a university, students who need to access the university resources needs to be authenticated during the logging process, to protect the interests of the university and the students. This process of verifying a user is called ___.

(a) Message Authentication (b) User Identification (c) User Integrity (d)
Both (a) and (b)

11. In a database table, the category of information is called __________

(a) Tuple (b) Field (c) Record (d) All of the above

12. In MS Access an association established between common fields of two files is called

(a) line (b) relationship (c) primary key (d) records

13. Named collection of fields which represent a complete unit of information is called

(a) field (b) record (c) table (d) none of these

14. Multiple copies of same data that do not mismatch are known as

(a) data redundancy (b) data repentance (c) data inconsistency (d) none of

15. What is the maximum length a text field can be in MS-Access 2010?

(a) 120 (b) 255 (c) 265 (d) 75

16. A __________ enables you to view date from a table based on specific criterion in MS-Access.

(a) query (b) report (c) form (d) all of these

17. What are the rows in MS-Access table called?

(a) Reports (b) Rows (c) Tuple (d) Records

18. Which of the following data types uniquely identifies the records, if there is no primary key in the table in MS-Access 2010?

(a) Number (b) Auto (c) AutoNumber (d) Integer

19. Which of the following is an invalid field name in MS-Access 2010?

(a) Student’sName (b) Student.Name (c) Student_Name (d) Student Name

20. Which of the following data types is being represented by these checkboxes in the given snapshot of MS-Access 2010?


(a) Yes/No (b) General (c) Currency (d) Memo

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Class 8th Olympiad

Topic Wise Sample Test for NCO Class 8th MS Excel


1. The output of the function = EVEN (56) + ODD (64) in MS-Excel 2010 is _______.

(a) 119 (b) 120 (c) 121 (d) 118

2. What would be the output of the given MS-Excel 2010 formula?

= POWER(GCD(4,8),2) (a) 18 (b) 16 (c) 8 (d) 10

3. Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?

(a) Save the workbooks (b) Modify the worksheet (c) Enter text and data (d) Copy the worksheet

4. In a worksheet, you can select

(a) the entire worksheet (b) rows (c) columns (d) a, b, and c

5. Which type of charts can Excel produce?

(a) Line graphs and pie charts only (b) Only line graphs

(c) Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts (d) Bar charts and line graphs only

6. Each Excel file is called a workbook because

(a) it can contain text and data. (b) it can be modified.

(c) it can contain many sheets including worksheets and chart sheets. (d) you have to work hard to create it.

7. What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row?

(a) Hyperlink (b) Index (c) Transpose (d) Rows

8. You can activate a cell by

(a) pressing the tab key (b) clicking the cell (c) pressing an arrow key (d) all of the above

9. Which of the following methods cannot be used to enter data a cell?

(a) Pressing an arrow key (b) Pressing the tab key (c) Pressing the Esc key (d) Clicking the enter button to the formula bar

10. When you print preview a worksheet,

(a) the entire worksheet is displayed. (b) the selected range is displayed.

(c) the active portion of the worksheet is displayed. (d) all of these

11. Which of the following is correct?

(a) = AVERAGE (4, 5, 6, 7). (b) = AVERAGE (A1, B1, C1). (c) =AVERAGE (A1: A9, B1:B9). (d) All of these

12. To drag a selected range of data to another worksheet in the same workbook, use the

(a) Tab key (b) Alt key (c) Shift key (d) Ctrl key

13. What would be the output of the given function, if the value in cell A1 is 400 in MS Excel 2010? = IF(AND(1<A1, A1<100), A1, “Data range has been exceeded.”)

(a) 400 (b) A1 (c) Data range has been exceeded. (d) #Num!

14. ________ option of Conditional Formatting feature will allow you to edit a rule that has been applied on a range of cells in MS Excel 2010.

(a) New Rule (b) Clear Rules (c) Manage Rules (d) Edit Formatting Rules

15. To highlight all those cells that contain formulas in a worksheet, use _______ option in MS Excel 2010.

16. What will be displayed in a cell, if it contains the following formula in MS Excel 2010? =5&6+4

(a) #Value! (b) 60 (c) 510 (d) 564

17. Which of the following is the CORRECT order of evaluation for the following formula in MS Excel 2010?

= 7 * 3 ^ 4 – (14 – 5)/ 3
↑   ↑  ↑      ↑   ↑
I      II   III      IV     V

(a) I → II → III → IV → V (b) II → I → IV → V → III (c) III → II → V → I → IV (d) III → II → I → V → IV

18. What would be the result of the given formula in MS Excel 2010, if cell A1=2016?

= REPLACE(A1,3,2,”17”)

(a) 20117 (b) 2017 (c) 17 (d) 2016-17

19. Considering the given snapshot, what would be the result of the given formula in MS Excel 2010?

=IF (AND(B2 > 30,B3>50),”Good, keep it up!”, “Work hard”)

(a) Work hard (b) Good, keep it up! (c) #Name (d) #Error

20. The maximum number of rows in an ms excel 2010 sheet are:

(a) 6553 (b) 1,048,576 (c) 256 (d) 65534

21. You can use the horizontal and vertical scrollbars to

(a) split a worksheet into two panes. (b) view different rows and columns.

(c) edit the contents of a cell. (d) view different worksheets.

22. Which of the following is not the correct method of editing the cell content?

(a) Press the Alt key (b) Press the F2 key (d) Click the formula bar (d) Double click the cell

23. When the formula bar is activated, you can see

(a) The Edit Formula button (b) The Cancel button (c) The Enter button (d) All of the above

24. Which of the following describes how to select all the cells in a single column?

(a) Right click on column and select Pick from list (b) Use data – text to column menu item

(c) Left click on the gray column title button (d) Pressing Ctrl + A on the keyboard

25. Which of the following methods cannot be used to edit the content of cell?

(a) Pressing the Alt key (b) Clicking the formula bar (c) Pressing F2 (d) Double clicking the cell

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Class 8th Olympiad

Topic Wise Sample Test for NCO Class 8th MS Power Point


1. To exit Powerpoint _____?

(a) Click on the application minimize button (b) Click on the document close button

(c) Double click on the application control menu icon (d) Double click on the document control menu icon

2. Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide show?

(a) F1 (b) F2 (c) F5 (d) F10

3. Which file format can be added to a Powerpoint show?

(a) .jpg (b) .giv (c) .wav (d) All of these

4. To select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation, what do you press?

(a) Tab (b) Ctrl + K (c) Ctrl + h (d) All of these

5. You can create a new presentation by completing all of the following except

(a) Clicking the new button on the stand toolbar (b) Clicking file à new (c) Clicking file à open (d) Pressing ctrl + N

6. In the context of animations, what is a trigger?

(a) An action button that advances to the next slide. (b) An item on the slide that performs an action when clicked.

(c) The name of a motion path. (d) All of these

7. Animation Schemes can be applied to _________ in the presentation.

(a) all slides (b) select slide (c) current slide (d) all of the these

8. What is a motion path?

(a) A type of animation entrance effect (b) A method of advancing slides

(c) A method of moving items on a slide (d) All of the above

9. The arrangement of elements such as title and subtitle text, pictures, tables, etc., is called _________

(a) Layout (b) Presentation (c) Design (d) Scheme

10. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called

(a) effects (b) custom animations (c) transitions (d) present animations

11. The maximum Zoom percentage in Microsoft Powerpoint is

(a) 100% (b) 200% (c) 400% (d) 500%

12. Which pane would be used to enter a speaker’s information about what can be said about each side?

(a) Outline pane (b) Speaker’s pane (c) Notes pane (d) Slide pane

13. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using

(a) Insert à Pictures à Chart (b) Insert à Chart (c) Edit à Chart (d) View à Chart

14. In Microsoft Powerpoint two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are:

(a) .wav files and .mid files (b) .wav files and .gif files (c) .wav files and .jpg files (d) .jpg files and .gif files

15. Which of the following is a category found in Custom Animation?

(a) Master Slide (b) Design Templates (c) Entrance (d) Transition

16. What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around the slide?

(a) Highlighting (b) Dragging (c) Selecting (d) Moving

17. When presenting a chart in a Powerpoint presentation, it is useful to mention the following:

(a) Explain what the chart is about. (b) Explain what values and units are used on both the X and Y-axes.

(c) Explain what each colour in the legend represents. (d) All of the above

18. Which option can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a different order?

(a) Rehearsal (b) Custom Slide show (c) Slide show Setup (d) Slide Show View

19. In MS PowerPoint 2010, Reveal, Honeycomb, Ripple, Shred, Ferris Wheel, etc., are all types of ________.

(a) Custom animations (b) slide transitions (c) smart art designs (d) slide designs

20. In the Animations gallery, entrance effects icons are ______ coloured and exit effects icons are _______ coloured in MS PowerPoint 2010.

(a) green, red (b) red, green (c) red, yellow (d) green, yellow

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Class 8th Olympiad

Topic Wise Sample Test for NCO Class 8th : Introduction to Microsoft Word

3. MS Word 2010

1. Which of the following Word Options lets you hide spelling and grammar errors of a particular document in MS Word 2010?

(a) Proofing (b) Save (c) General (d) Display

2. Redo button can be used only after you use

(a) copy paste option (b) undo button (c) cut option (d) insert option

3. The title bar does not have this button.

(a) Maximize (b) Minimize (c) Close (d) Insert

4. Home key

(a) moves cursor to the right. (b) moves cursor to the end of the line.

(c) moves cursor to the beginning of the line. (d) move cursor to the end of the page.

5. MS word is used for

(a) drawing moving picture. (b) doing calculations. (c) typing letters. (d) creating animations.

6. MS Word 2010 has the file extension

(a) .htm (b) .fla (c) .sav (d) .docx

7. WordArt is used to insert

(a) Shapes (b) Images (c) Decorative text (d) Animation

8. Ctrl + Left arrow key in MS word 2010 is used for____.

(a) moving cursor one space to the right (b) moving cursor one word to the left

(c) moving cursor up (d) moving cursor down

9. Toggle buttons are like

(a) on and off switches (b) options on the menu bar

(c) options under the file menu (d) list of options on the drop down menu

10. Bold, underline and italic

(a) can be used manually only. (b) have toggle buttons. (c) do not have toggle buttons. (d) cannot be used in MS Word.

11. Who is the owner of Microsoft?

(a) Mark Zuckerberg (b) Bill Gates (c) Anil Ambani (d) Steve Jobs

12. In the Select Browse object menu in MS Word 2010, which of the following should be selected, if you want to browse the document by heading?

13. In MS Word 2010, the Building Blocks organizer is found in _________.

(a) cross-reference (b) shapes (c) wordart (d) quick parts

14. In MS Word 2010, which of the following objects appear as balloons in the margins of a document being edited?

(a) Comments (b) Moved text (c) Format Changes (d) All of these

15. Find the odd one out.

(a) Drop Box (b) Lotus Notes (c) Spider Oak (d) Zumo Drive

16. Identify the given icon of MS Word 2010.

(a) Merge & Center (b) Wrap Text (c) Cell Style (d) Bottom Align

17. While working with a file, Ananya selected a text and pressed  Ctrl + Shift + = keys. Which of the following will be the result of this action on the selected text in MS Word 2010?

(a) The font size of selected text will be increased. (b) Selected text will be converted to superscript.

(c) Selected text will be converted to subscript. (d) Selected text will get highlighted.

18. option is used for searching reference materials from various sources such as encyclopedia and dictionaries in MS Word 2010.

(a) Research (b) Language (c) Translate (d) Word Count

19. Default Colour Scheme of MS-Word 2010 is silver. Which of the following Word Options of File tab allows you to change the background color of the ribbon to blue or black?

(a) General (b) Advanced (c) Proofing (d) Display

20. Which of following options in the File tab will allow to change the Word document file type into Plain text format (as shown here) in MS Word 2010?

(a) Save & Send (b) Recent (c) Options (d) Info

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Class 8th Olympiad

National Cyber Olympiad For Class 8th Windows 7

Window 7


1. Help Menu is available at which button?

(a) End (b) Start (c) Turnoff (d) Restart

2. To change selected text to all capital letters, click the change case button, and then click

(a) uppercase (b) upper all (c) capslock (d) lock Upper

3. If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing

(a) upstart (b) upgrade (c) update (d) patch

4. A menu contains a list of (a) commands (b) data (c) objects (d) reports

5. Text and graphics that have been out of copied are stored in an area called the __________.

(a) Pasteboard (b) copy board (c) clipboard (d) cutting board

6. In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close buttons appear on

(a) The title bar (b) Menu bar (c) Status bar (d) Ruler bar

7. Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are known as

(a) Processors (b) domain names (c) modems (d) operating systems

8. Which is a graphical representation of an application?

(a) Window 95 (b) Windows Explorer (c) Icon (d) Taskbar

9. Customising settings of which of the following will have the greatest effect on your ability to read text on your computer screen in Windows 7?

(a) Backgrounds (b) Clear Type (c) Aero glass effects (d) Gadgets

10. Windows create – files as it runs applications. Excess of these files may slowdown the computer.

(a) Library (b) Temporary (c) Virtual (d) Virus

11. Sometimes due to the heavy use of the computer system, some unnecessary files are created and stored on the disc. Which of the following features of an operating system is used for checking files that are not frequently used or the files that were created for temporary purpose in Windows 7?

(a) Disk Defragmenter (b) Disk Cleanup (c) File archiver (d) antivirus

12. In Windows 7, in the search box of Start menu, type __________ to verify that every installed device is working as it should.

(a) Install Manager (b) Device Manager (c) Install Device (d) Check Device

13. MSConfig is a system utility that is used to enable or disable – that run at startup or change boot parameters in Windows 7.

(a) Software (b) Device drivers (c) Windows services (d) All of these

14. Select the odd one out.

15. Instead of pointing and clicking on the icons to open the files and folders in computer, Ritu always has to type the command ‘directory’. Which of the following operating systems she might be using in which she has to learn the commands to use the computer system?

16. Which among the following is an example of real time operating system?

(a) Windows (b) LINUX (c) UNIX (d) LynxOS

17. Which of the following is the function of operating system as a memory management?

(i) It manages the sharing of internal memory among multiple applications.

(ii) It assigns memory to various programs whenever required.

(iii) It provides security by means of passwords to prevent the misuse of computer.

(a) Only (i) (b) Only (ii) (c) Both (i) and (ii) (d) Only (iii)

18. Which of the following is/are the multi-user operating system?

(a) Linux (b) Unix (c) Mac OS X (d) All of these

19. The __________ of software contains lists of commands and options.

(a) menu bar (b) tool bar (c) title bar (d) formula bar

20. To display the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer you should __________.

(a) click on it (b) collapse it (c) name it (d) give a password

21. _______ are lists of commands that appear on the screen.

(a) GUIs (b) Icons (c) Menus (d) Windows

22. __________ Explorer is a tool that lets you more easily navigate the files and folders on your computer.

(a) Windows (b) Netscape (c) Internet (d) Microsoft

23. Before the days of Windows, users interfaced with the operating system through a ________ interface.

(a) graphical (b) object oriented (c) command utility (d) command line

24. __________ is when the more power-hungry components, such as the monitor and the hard drive are put in idle.

(a) Hibernation (b) Powerdown (c) Standby mode (d) The shutdown procedure

25. Microsoft’s operating system Windows

(a) is designed for multiple concurrent users.

(b) has a graphical user interface.

(c) can perform multitasking.

(d) performs all of the above functions.