Class 7th NCERT Subjects, Lessons, and Chapters


Looking for a comprehensive guide to class 7th NCERT subjects, lessons, and chapters? Look no further. This article serves as your ultimate roadmap to the class 7th NCERT syllabus, intricately detailing the subjects and their corresponding lessons and chapters. Not just that, we’ll also provide you with some tips on how to navigate through quizzes to enhance learning and revision. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Class 7th NCERT Subjects Overview

From its social sciences to the fundamentals of math and the intricacies of science, Class 7 syllabus covers a variety of subjects, each with their unique chapters and lessons.

  • Mathematics: Class 7th Mathematics introduces some interesting concepts like integers, fractions, decimals and more. The book is divided into 15 comprehensive chapters.
  • Science: With 18 engaging chapters, it covers topics like nutrition, transportation, reproduction in plants, acids, bases, salts, etc.
  • Social Science: With 3 different books covering history, geography and civics, it takes students through a journey of our vibrant world and rich past.
  • English: This subject has two main books – Honeycomb and An Alien Hand. They mainly focus on literature, grammar and writing skills.
    So, are you excited to delve deep into these subjects?



  • Breakdown of Lessons and Chapters

    The division of lessons and chapters in these books is done strategically, aiming to simplify these complex subjects. For example, in Math, you will first learn the basic concepts in earlier chapters and slowly move onto more complicated topics. In Social Science, the chapters are structured chronologically, giving students a step-by-step journey through history.
    Are you worried about how to remember these numerous classes and chapters effectively? Fret not!


  • Making Learning Interactive With Quizzes
    What’s the purpose of reading and learning when you cannot remember it during exams, right? This is where quizzes come into play. After each chapter in your NCERT book, there are comprehensive quizzes covering all the important aspects of that particular chapter.
    These quizzes not only test your knowledge but also helps in understanding and remembering the topics better. So, never skip these quizzes!
  • Conclusion
    With this breakdown of class 7th NCERT subjects, lessons, and chapters, we believe navigating through your Class 7 syllabus is going to be a smooth sail. Remember, understanding is the key; with an understanding of the subjects and regular participation in quizzes, you can ace the class with flying colors. So, are you ready to embark on this exciting educational journey?
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