Sample test on Mathematics for class 8th

Topic – Comparing quantities, Direct and inverse Proportion

1.Convert 4:7 into percent       1 
2. An alloy contains Copper, Silver and Gold in the ratio 5:10:12. If the total weight of the alloy is 54 Kg . Find the quantity of Gold in kg.      2
3. Sreyanshee Sold her cycle at 15 % loss. Had she sold it for rupees 240 more, she would have gained 10%. find the cost price of the cell phone.     3
4. Selling Price of 4 bananas is cost price of 6 bananas. Find the profit/Loss %.     2
5. Find the single discount equal to two successive discounts of 20%.    2
6. What price a shopkeeper should mark on an article that cost him 600 to gain 20 % after allowing a discount of 10 %.      3
7. The population of a city was 422500 in the year 2010. If it increases at the rate of 4 % per annum. Find the population of the town in 2012.      3
8. Swoyanshree can finish a work in 4 days while akshit can finish the same work in 10 days. How long will they take to complete the work, if both of them work together?       3
9. A,B,and C can do a work in 12 days ,15 days and 20 days respectively. They started working together, but after 4 days A left. In how many days will B and C complete the work?      4
10. A fort has enough food for 720 soldiers for 35 days. If after 5 days, 120 soldiers left the fort, How long will the food last now?     4
11. A Swimming pool can be filled in 4 hours by 8 pumps of the same type.How many such pumps are required if the pool is to be filled in 8/3 hours .    3
12. Somu types 108 words in 6 minutes. How many metres can be bought for rupees 2250.     3
13. Shabnam takes 20 minutes to reach her school, If she goes at a speed of 6 km/hr. If she wants to reach school in 24 minutes, What should be her speed? 3
14. Calculate the compound interest on Rupees 8400 for 1 year at the rate of 10% per annum Compounded half-yearly?      4

NCERT Solutions For Class 8th