Electromagnetic Waves ,Wavelength and Frequency Explained

Wave Length – The Minimum Distance in which a wave repeats itself is called its wavelength

  • At the time Maxwell predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves, the
    only familiar electromagnetic waves were the visible light waves.
  • The existence of ultraviolet and infrared waves was barely established.
  • By the end of the nineteenth century, X-rays and gamma rays had also been discovered.
  • electromagnetic waves include visible light waves, X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet and infrared waves.
  • The classification of em waves according to frequency is the electromagnetic
  • There is no sharp division between one kind of wave and the next.
  • The classification is based roughly on how the waves are produced and/or detected.

Sound Free Lesson For Class 9th NCERT

Speed=Frequency ❌Wavelength.

  • Remember More the wavelength less the frequency and vice versa.
  • also try to remember the wavelength and the frequency can be found out

Tricks to remember the Wavelength series of  Electromagnetic Waves 

  • R-Roman Radio
  • M-Men    Microwave
  • I-Invented Infrared
  • U-Unusual Ultra Violet
  • X-ray-       X-ray
  • G-Guns   Gamma Rays
  • The Visible rays is in Between infrared and Ultra Violet

Roman men invented unusual x-ray guns.

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