Food:Where  does it come from

Food-These are substances from which an organism derives energy and materials for its growth and maintenance

  • The food which we eat at a particular time of a day is called Meal.
  • Usually we consume Three main meals – Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

Ingredients-The things needed to prepare any food is called ingredients

  • For Example to prepare Chicken Curry We need Raw Chicken,Oil,Masala,Salt,Water.

On the basis of Foot Habits organisms can be classified

  1. Herbivores – Animals eating plant products are called Herbivores
    Example- Cow,Goat,Elehant,Deer

  1. Carnivores-Animals eating animals are called Carnivores
    Example- Lion,Tigers etc.
  1. Omnivores-Animals eating both plants and animals are called omnivores
    Example-Bear,Human,Crow,Cockroaches etc.

Why do we need food ?

We need food for

  1. To get energy required to perform various functions of body
  2. For Growth
  3. For repair of damaged or injured body parts
  4. For protection from diseases and infections

Sources of Food


  • From Plants we obtain Cereals,Pulses,Vegetables,Fruits,Spices,Sugar,tea and Cofee
  • Cereals- They are rich in carbohydrates
  • These are grains of a plant

Pulses or Legumes(Dals)

  • They are rich in Protein
  • Examples-pea,bean,groundnut,Soyaben and Gram



  • They are rich source of vitamis,Minerals and roughage .
  • Water content in vegetables are very high
  • Root Vegetable- Carrot,Sweet Potato,Radish
  • Leafy Vegetable-Spinach,Lettuce,Cabbage ,Methi(Fenugreek)
  • Stem Vegetable- Potato,Onion
  • Fruit Vegetable-Tomato,Bringal,Lady-finger,

Fruits-They are ripened ovaries of flower

  • They are rich in Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Example- Banana,Apple, Mango etc.


  • Major oil yielding plants are cotton,mustard,coconut, and sunflower.
  • Spices-They are used for adding flavours to food.
  • Examples-ginger,cumin,turmeric,pepper etc.

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Animals as a source of food

  • Milk yielding animals- cow ,buffalo
  • Meat- yielding animals-Sheep,Goat,Pig.
  • Poultry animal- animal which provide as both meat and egg are called poultry animals.
  • Example-Hen,Duck etc


  • The egg has yellow portion called yolk and is rich in fats and lipids
  • The white portion is called albumin and is rich in protein .
  • The egg shell is made up of calcium carbonate
  • Fish- fish is rich in animal protein .
  • It is also rich in vitamin D
  • Rearing and management of fish on a larger scale is called pisciculture.
  • Freshwater fish – Catla.Clarius,Barbus etc.
  • Seawater fish- They are rich in protein and iodine.
  • Hilsa,catfish,Bombay duck

Honey Bees

  • Honey bees- Rearing of honey bees is called Apiculture.
  • The insects which provide as honey are called honey bees.
  • The nest of honey bees where nectar are stored is called beehive.
  • The small compartments of beehive is called combs.
  • The place used for rearing of honey is called apiary.

Some steps to avoid wastage of food- should not be allowed to get spoiled or eaten away by animals like rat and squirrel.

2.we should eat only that much quantity of food whic is required by our body.

3.In parties or even in our homes we should not leave food uneaten in our plates.