Class 9th Social Science


What is Democracy? Why Democracy 2. India-Size and Location

  1. What is dictatorship? 1
  2. What is Democracy? 1
  3. Which country has the largest border attaching India? 1
  4. Write the name of the latitude which divides India into two parts? 1
  5. What is the length of Coast line of India? Also write the Area of India? 1
  6. Which Strait passes between India and Srilanka? 1
  7. Which southernmost point got submerged during the 2004 Tsunami? 1
  8. What is degree of standard meridian of India? Why it was chosen as standard meridian? 2
  9. How does opening of Suez Canal prove as a boon for our trade with European Countries? 2
  10. Why indirect democracy is adopted in India? 2
  11. Distinguish between direct democracy and indirect democracy? 3
  12. Democracy allows people to correct their own mistakes ? Explain? 3
  13. The sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Gujarat in the west but the watches show the same time. How does this happen? 3
  14. The Central Location of India at the head of Indian Ocean is considered of great significance. Why? 3
  15. Describe the contribution of India’s contact with the oriental world? 3
  16. Explain how India is benefited because of its long coast line? 3
  17. Describe any five merits of Democracy? 4
  18. Explain main challenges to democracy. Suggest remedies to face those challenges? 5