Test 2 on Physics .    Class 9th  Topic – Motion.

  1. Distinguish between speed and velocity?
  2. What is acceleration?
  3. Graphically prove the first equation of motion?
  4. Graphically prove the second equation of motion?
  5. Graphically prove the third equation of motion?
  6. What is nature if speed time graph for uniform and non uniform motion?
  7. The brakes applied to a car produce acceleration of 6m/s2 in the opposite direction to the motion. If the car takes 2seconds to stop after the application of brake. Calculate the distance it travels during this time?
  8. A bus starting from rest moves with a uniform acceleration of 0.1m/s-2 for 2 minutes . find the speed acquired b. The distance travelled?
  9. A trolley going down an inclined plane has an acceleration of of 2cm/s2. What will be its velocity 3s after the start?
  10. A stone is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 5m/s. If the acceleration of the stone during its motion is 10m/s2 in the downward direction . what will be the height attained by the stone and how much time it will take to reach there?
  11. A ball gently dropped from a height of 20m. If its velocity increases uniformly at the 10m/s 2. With what velocity it will strike the ground? after what time will nit strike the ground?
  12. What is uniform circular motion?
  13. An artificial satellite is moving with a circular orbit of radius 42250 km. Calculate its speed if it takes 24 hours to revolve around the earth?

Motion Lesson For Class 9th