Nitrogen Cycle

  • Nitrogen gas makes up 78% in our atmosphere
  • Nitrogen is found in Proteins,DNA,RNA of a living being
  • Few bacteria can convert directly  atmospheric nitrogen into useful form
  • Other organisms cannot convert atmospheric free nitrogen into useful forms such as nitrates and nitrites

  • Few nitrogen fixing bacteria can live independently while few other depend upon roots of leguminous plants
  • Physical processes such as lighting can also convert nitrogen into useful form
  • The high temperature of lightning and high pressure convert

Why Does Atmospheric Nitrogen Need to be Converted

Nitrogen is an essential component of DNA and Proteins the building block of life

Nitrogen Fixation- It is the process that cause the break apart of nitrogen molecule into single atom that can combine with other atoms .

  • Free Nitrogen ——> Oxides of Nitrogen——>These oxides dissolve with rain water and fall on ground as Nitric and Nitrous Acid is used by various organisms
  • Plant use nitrates and nitrites and convert into Amino Acids which is present in Proteins
  • Other Animals including human eat that plant and nitrogen enters into their body
  • After the death of the animals and plants ,Bacteria present in soil take up the nitrogen  present inside the dead body and the convert them into nitrites and nitrates
  • Another different types of bacteria convert the Nitrites and nitrates into free atmospheric nitrogen
  • In this way The simple nitrogen is converted into complex forms and again it converted back into simple form .

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