Spotting the Error Quiz  :Tense

One part of the Sentence contains Error. Find the Part which has error in the below sentences. If there is no error then mark d.

1. (a) I have not seen him since twenty years/ (b) and so I cannot say with certainty/ (c) whether he is alive or dead./ (d) No error
2. (a) When he did not find his cook in the kitchen/ (b) he asked his wife/ (c) where
had he gone./ (d) No error
3. (a) Although I am playing cricket/ (b) for more than three years/ (c) I have not been able to score a century/ (d) No error
4. (a) I do not know where could he have gone/ (b) so early/ (c) in the morning./ (d) No error
5. (a) By the time/ (b) we got our tickets and entered the cinema theatre,/ (c) the
show was already begun./ (d) No error
6. (a) By the time/ (b) we will get our tickets and enter the cinema theatre,/ (c) the
show will have already begun./ (d) No error
7. (a) Gowri told me/ (b) his name after/ (c) he left./ (d) No error

8. (a) we have been/ (b) celebrating many festivals/ (c) since centuries./ (d) No error
9. (a) Old age and infirmity/ (b) had began to/ (c) catch up with him./ (d) No error
10. (a) The passer-by told us/ (b) where was the marriage hall/ (c) and even led us to it./
(d) No error
11. (a) I have passed / (b) the examination/ (c) two years ago/ (d) No error
12. (a) Since he joined/ (b) this post, he did not take/ (c) any bribe./ (d) No error
13. (a) Perhaps you know/ (b) that I have passed/ (c) the examination in 1990./ (d) No
14. (a) He has read four plays/ (b) written by Shakespeare/ (c) by the end of his vacation./ (d) No error
15. (a) When they stole / (b) the money/ (c) and where did they hide it?./ (d) No error
16. (a) The teacher/ (b) has took/ (c) the responsibility/ (d) No error.
17. (a) For time immemorial/ (b) sea shells have been used by man/ (c) in many ways./ (d) No error
18. (a) The river is in spate/ (b) and it has overflown/ (c) its banks./ (d) No error
19. (a) The little boy/ (b) had been waiting for his turn/ (c) since a long time./ (d) No error
20. (a) This T.V. serial/ (b) is going on/ (c) for 3 years./ (d) No error
21. (a) In the early years of the renaissance of Bharatanatyam, hereditary dancers
have their own set of accompanists/ (b) who lived with the dancers and travelled
with them from place to place/ (c) when they gave performances./ (d) No error
22. (a) This is turned out to be/ (b) one of our most successful projects/ (c) and we have made quite/ (d) a large profit from it./ (e) No error
23. (a) He is given me/ (b) a lot of documents/ (c) to read before/ (d) the presentation tomorrow./ (e) No error
24. (a) Since the trip home/ (b) was expensive I/ (c) did not went home/ (d) during the holidays./ (e) No error
25. (a) As she is late/ (b) for work yesterday she decided/ (c) to skip breakfast and/ (d) leave for office./ (e) No error
26. (a) As soon as the CEO entered the office, the/ (b) union leaders approached him/ (c) and report the matter to him./ (d) No error
27. (a) The college/ (b) is running a computer course/ (c) since 2007./ (d) No error
28. (a) Did he tell you/ (b) why he hasn’t/ (c) come yesterday?/ (d) No error
29. (a) Last night I dream/ (b) I was a Sheikh on the 169th floor/ (c) of Burj Khalifa./ (d) No error
30. (a) She and her sister/ (b) were working here/ (c) since 1983./ (d) No error31. (a) Nobody saw him/ (b) since the fire broke/ (c) in his locality./ (d) No error
32. (a) By this time next year/ (b) Ramesh will take/ (c) his degree./ (d) No error
33. (a) The families/ (b) are living in Gulmohar Park/ (c) for the last two decades./ (d) No error
34. (a) My uncle/ (b) has left/ (c) for Bombay last Saturday./ (d) No error
35. (a) Good heavens !/ (b) How has she/ (c) grown !/ (d) No error
36. (a) I ate/ (b) nothing/ (c) since morning/ (d) No error
37. (a) He/ (b) is having/ (c) many friends here/ (d) No error
38. (a) When I went there/ (b) Charles is playing/ (c) a game of chess/ (d) No error
39. (a) The vaccine/ (b) when hit the market/ (c) is dogged by controversy/ (d) No error
40. (a) The victim tried to tell us/ (b) what has happened but/ (c) his voice was not audible./ (d) No error
41. (a) Our history can be seen as a long evolutionary dialectical development/(b) in
which there have been/ (c) a painstaking forging of rational and moral self./(d) No error
42. (a) Last year two Italian prisoners of war/ (b) escapes from a prison camp/ (c) in Kenya during the war./ (d) No error
43. (a) Madhuri Dixit/ (b) is having/ (c) a large fan following./ (d) No error
44. (a) No one heard anything/ (b) about him since/ (c) he left India for good./ (d) No error
45. (a) Before the teacher/ (b) could finish the question/ (c) the students gave the
correct answer./ (d) No error
46. (a) She did not prepare/ (b) her/ (c) breakfast yet./ (d) No error
47. (a) Perhaps you do not know/ (b) I am owning/ (c) a farm house besides two bungalows./ (d) No error
48. (a) When Anand reached his village/ (b) he found that / (c) the news about him
preceded him./ (d) No error
49. (a) She will already return/ (b) home/ (c) when he arrives./ (d) No error
50. (a) Each one of them/ (b) has have his share/ (c) of joy and sorrow./ (d) No error
51. (a) This custom/ (b) has come down/ (c) since times immemorial./ (d) No error
52. (a) Since his arrival in India,/ (b) he is visiting as many villages as he can/ (c) to
acquire a firsthand knowledge of the rural India./ (d) No error.
53. (a) Believe me, I/ (b) am believing/ (c) whatever you have said./ (d) No error.
54. (a) It is time/ (b) we should have done/ (c) something useful/ (d) No error.
55. (a) Mother said,/ (b) “Son,/ (c) you have finished your homework?”/ (d) No error.
56. (a) I am going to buy/ (b) a computer/ (c) when the prices comes down./ (d) No error.
57. (a) I wish/ (b) I have learnt swimming/ (c) when I was young./ (d) No error.