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Social Science-10th: Democratic Politics-II Quiz

The Course The Course Social Science-10th: Democratic Politics-II Welcomes you all! In this course we all will learn about the contexts of Political Science for any democratic country. Let’s see everything in detail. Happy Learning!

Class 10: Understanding Economic Development Quiz

Welcome to the Understanding Economic Development (Economics) for class 10th. In this module, we will get to see the quizzes for these subjects which are important for the Upcoming Exams. So Let’s start! Hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

Source based and Image based Questions on Geography for Class 10th

This test series on geography contains topic wise source-based and image-based questions. The questions are designed as given in the updated CBSE syllabus for class 10th. Lessons covered Under Source-Based and Image-based questions are Resources and Development Agriculture Manufacturing Industries Life Lines of National Economy Click on the Quizzes below to appear the tests as …

Source based and Image based Questions on Geography for Class 10th Read More »

Class 10th Full Sample Papers on Mathematics For 2020

The Sample Paper on mathematics for class 10th has 5 sample papers based on the Updated NCERT Syllabus Case Study Based Questions as well is included as per the syllabus for 2020-2021 by CBSE. Solve the papers and you can mail the answers for reviews and marking. All the best 🙂

Mathematics For Class 9th NCERT

This Course Will Cover the mathematics Syllabus For Class 9th. This Course has topic wise NCERT Solutions as well as video lessons to help you clear all your doubts in Mathematics.

History NCERT Notes for Class 8th

History Lessons For Class 8th NCERT The course introduces you to the basic understanding of how things were in the past and how things have changed at present.  History helps us to understand our past in terms of our culture, civilizations, economy, and development.  The significance of dates usually is taken as hectic, but they help us to relate to major events of …

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Geography Lessons on Class 8th NCERT

Lessons on Geography For Class 8th Resources Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources Mineral and Power Resources Agriculture Industries HumanResources  

Mathematics For Class 10th Based on NCERT Syllabus

This Course will cover Mathematics For Class 10th. The Lessons Covered are Real Numbers Polynomials Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Quadratic Equations Arithmetic Progressions Triangles Coordinate Geometry Introduction to Trigonometry Some Applications of Trigonometry Areas Related to Circles

Class 10th Biology Lessons based on NCERT Syllabus Free

The following Course Covers the following Lessons Life Processes Control and Coordination How Do Organism Reproduce Heredity and Evolution Our Environment Management of natural Resources Previously asked questions and sample papers Topic wise and chapter wise NCERT Solutions and Interactive Quizzes

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