• Speech is an important part of communication.
  • Mankind cannot live without it.
  • Within speech, sentences form the basic structure.
  • Sentences can be in multiple forms like questions or exclamations.

What is a sentence?


  • A group of words that makes complete sense is a sentence.
  • They are used to express our ideas and thoughts.
  • They typically must contain a subject, a verb and an object. For example,

Ramu likes Mangoes.

Here Ramu is the subject, whom we are talking about, likes is the verb since it is the action that is being done here and mangoes is the object, being associated with the action done by the subject. And these three words in the right order makes perfect sense, and hence forms a sentence. If the order was wrong, like- Likes Mangoes Ramu, then it will only be a set of jumbled words and not a sentence, since it does not make any meaning.

Another example would be:

Sonia has a red car.

Sonia here is the subject, has is the verb since it shown the action of owning something and a red car is the object, associated with Sonia and the action that she is doing. Hence, this forms a perfect sentence.

basic sentence structure

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