Phrase and Clause

There are parts of a sentence that may or may not be meaningful. They are called phrases and clauses.

What is a phrase?

  • A set of words that forms component of a clause.
  • Acts as a single unit, hence not meaningful.
  • No subject and predicate parts.


What is a clause?

  • Group of words forming component of a sentence.
  • Contains a subject and a predicate, hence meaningful.


For example,

  • Pooja lives in Mysore, since 2012.
  • I went to Surat, after returning from Delhi, last month.

In the first sentence, in Mysore is just a phrase, as it does not have a subject-verb pairing, while Pooja lives in Mysore is a clause, as it contains both subject and verb. In the next sentence, I went to Surat, is a clause because it has a subject and a verb, whereas to Surat and from Delhi, are the phrases, as it is just a group of words, not making any sense.


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