Control and Coordination : NCERT Notes For Class 10th Science

Control and Coordination

  • All living organisms (plants and animals) respond and react to change in the environment around them.
  • The changes in the environment to which the organisms respond and react are called stimuli.
  • The living organisms show response to stimuli such as light, heat, cold, sound, smell, taste, touch, pressure, pain, water, and force of gravity, etc.

For example,

  • if a man touches a very hot utensil accidently, he quickly pulls his hand away from the hot utensil.
  • Here, heat is the stimulus and the man reacts by moving his hand away from the hot utensil.

  • Similarly leaves of sensitive plants (Mimosa pudica) when touched with pencil (or fingers), the sensitive plant responds by folding up its leaves.
  • Thus we can say that reaction to stimuli is a characteristic property of the living organisms.

Coordination: The working together of the various organs of an organism in a systematic manner so as to produce a proper response to the stimulus, is called coordination.

Control and Coordination will Cover following topics

1) Animals – Nervous System

2) Reflex Actions

3) Human Brain

4) Coordination in Plants

5) Endocrine Gland

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