Sex Determination In Human Beings : Biology Notes For Class 10th

Sex Determination

  • Different species use very different strategies for this
  • in some animals, the temperature at which fertilized eggs are kept determines whether the animals developing in the eggs will be male or female
  • In snails, individuals can change sex, indicating that sex is not genetically determined

Sex Determination in Humans

  • Humans have 23 Pairs of Chromosome
  • Out of 23 Pairs One Pair is Called Sex Chromosome
  • Women have a perfect pair of sex chromosomes, and is XX
  • Men have a imperfect pair of sex chromosomes, and is XY
  • During Reproduction All children will inherit an X chromosome from their mother
  • From father it may Receive either X or Y Chromosome
  • A child who inherits an X chromosome from her father will be a girl, and one who inherits a Y chromosome from him will be a boy

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