What is Reproduction and Why Animals Reproduce

    • Reproduction is essential to the organisms for continuity of life on earth
    • Sexual reproduction is better Because the progeny of sexual reproduction varies from parents.
    • This helps to evolution.
    • Offspring formed due to sexual reproduction have better chances of survival. Why? Is this statement always true?
    • In sexual reproduction, genetic variation occurs among the off springs, which may adapt better with the environment.
    • Hence the statement is true for maximum.
    • Progeny from asexual reproduction have similar genetic make up and are exact copies of their parents, i.e., clone of the parent.
    • Variation is absent
    • ┬áProgeny is less adaptable to changes in environment.
    • Progeny from sexual reproduction have different genetic make up and are dissimilar to the parent.
    • Variation occurs in progeny.
    • Progeny is more adaptable to changes in environment


How do Organism Reproduce:Class 10th Science Notes on Biology

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