Life Process : Lesson on Biology for Class 10th

Life Processes

  • All the organisms perform some basic functions to keep themselves alive.
  • The most important criterion to decide whether something is living or non- living is the movement.
  • All the living things (which are alive) move by themselves without any external help.
  • For example: jumping of frog, birds flying in sky, fish swimming in water shows movement of animal from one place to another
  • In case of plants they remain fixed in the soil at a place, so they cannot move like animals from place to place.
  • Movement is visible in their body parts such as leaves, flowers, shoots and roots.
  • The plant parts move towards a stimulus such as sunlight, gravity or water, etc.
  • For example, the shoot, the leaves and flower of a sunflower plant move by bending towards the sun so as to face the sunlight

What are Life Processes

  • The basic functions performed by living organisms to maintain their life on this earth are called life processes.
  • The basic life processes common in all the living organisms are: Nutrition and Respiration; Transport and Excretion; Control and Coordination (Response to stimuli); Growth; Movement and Reproduction.

Life Processes will Cover the following topics.


  1. Types of Nutrition
  2. Autotrophic
  3. Heterotrophic

2.A. Nutrition in Human Beings



  1. Transportation in Human Beings
  2. Transportation in Plants


  1. Excretion in Human Beings
  2. Excretion in Plants

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