Outcome of politics of social divisions

Three crucial factors in deciding the outcome of politics of social divisions.

First Determiner:

  • First of all the outcome depends on how people perceive their identities.
  • If people see their identities in singular and exclusive terms, it becomes very difficult to accommodate.
  • As long as people in northern Ireland saw themselves as only Catholic or Protestant, their differences were difficult to reconcile.
  • It is much easier if the people see that their identities are multiple and are complementary with the national identity.

Second Determiner :

  • It depends on how political leaders raise the demands of any community.
  • It is easier to accommodate demands that are within the constitutional framework and are not at the cost of another community.
how political leaders raise the demands of any community.
how political leaders raise the demands of any community.

Third Determiner:

  • it depends on the how the government reacts to demands of different groups.
  • A multi-cultural society ,In a democracy, political expression of social divisions is very normal and can be healthy.
  • This allows various disadvantaged and marginal social groups to express their grievances and get the government to attend to these.
  • Expression of various kinds of social divisions in politics often results in their cancelling one another out and thus reducing their intensity.
  • This leads to strengthening of a democracy.
  • But a positive attitude towards diversity and a willingness to accommodate it do not come about easily.
  • People who feel marginalized, deprived and discriminated have to fight against the injustices.
  • The struggle against such inequalities sometimes takes the path of violence and defiance of state power.
  • However history shows that democracy is the best way to fight for recognition and also to accommodate diversity.

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