Questions From Past years from Democracy and Diversity

Questions From Past years from Democracy and Diversity

1:) Explain the three factors that are crucial in deciding the outcome of politics of social divisions. [3×1=3]
Answer : Three factors which determine the outcome of politics of social division are :
(i) The people’s perception of their identities. When this is singular, the accommodation of other identities becomes difficult.
(ii) Representation of a community by political leaders. While representing a community if politicians raise demands that are constitutional then it is easier to accommodate those demands.
(iii) The government’s reaction. If the reasonable demands of a community are suppressed by the government, then it leads to social division, which in turn threaten the integrity of the country.

2: How is social diversity accommodated in democracy ? Explain with examples. [3 × 1 = 3]
Answer :

  • It will be a fair expectation that democracy should produce a harmonious social life.
  • Democracy must fulfil two conditions in order to achieve social harmony even though there is social diversity.
  • (i) It is necessary to understand that democracy is not simply rule by majority opinion. The majority always needs to work with the minority so that, governments function to represent the general view.

Majority and minority opinions are not permanent.
(ii) It is also necessary that rule by majority does not become rule by majority community in terms of religion or race or linguistic group. Rule by majority means that in case of every decision or in case of every election, different persons and groups may and can form a majority

3:) Why do social differences emerge in a society ? Does every social difference lead to social division ? Explain your answer with the help of an example. [3]
Answer : Social differences emerg in a society when people belonging to different social groups share differences and similarities cutting across the boundaries of their groups.
Every social difference does not lead to social division. Social differences may divide similar people but can also unite very different people such as Carlos and Smith who came together to fight social evils practiced in the society.

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