Aspects of ideal federal system

Aspects of ideal federal system

  • An ideal federal system has both aspects : mutual trust and agreement to live together
Aspects of ideal federal system
Aspects of ideal federal system

Balance of Power

  • The exact balance of power between the central and the state government varies from one federation to another.
  • This balance depends mainly on the historical context in which the federation was formed.
  • There are two kinds of routes through which federations have been formed.

Kinds of Federation in terms of formation

Coming together federation :

  • The first route involves independent States coming together on their own to form a bigger unit, so that by pooling sovereignty and retaining identity they can increase their security.
  • Ex: USA, Switzerland and Australia.
  • In this first category of federations, all the constituent States usually have equal power and are strong vis-à-vis the federal government.

Holding together federations.

  • The second route is where a large country decides to divide its power between the constituent States and the national government.
  • India, Spain and Belgium are examples of this kind of ‘holding together’ federations.
  • In this second category, the central government tends to be more powerful vis-à-vis the States.
  • Very often different constituent units of the federation have unequal powers.
  • Some units are granted special powers.
Coming together and holding together fedeartion
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