Gender,Religion and Caste

Gender,Religion and Caste

  • In this chapter we apply the ideas of social difference to the practice of democratic system in India.
  • We look at three kinds of social differences that can take the form of social divisions and inequalities.
  • These are social differences based on gender, religion and caste.
  • we look at the nature of this division in India and how it gets expressed in politics.
  • We also ask whether different expressions based on these differences are healthy or otherwise in a democracy
The caste system origin according to Purana
The caste system origin according to Purana

Topics Covered in this lesson 

  • Gender and politics
  • Women’s political representation
  • Religion, communalism and politics
  • Caste and politics
  • Caste in politics
  • Politics in caste
  • Previous Year Questions on the topic.
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