Gender And Politics Explained

Gender And Politics

  • This is a form of hierarchical social division seen everywhere, but is rarely recognized in the study of politics.
  • The gender divisions tends to be understood as natural and unchangeable.
  • Not based on biology but on social expectations and stereotypes

Examples of division by Gender

  • At home and outside ,it is said that the main responsibility of women is housework and bringing up children.
  • While boys should do the outside work.
  • Even you must have heard people saying , boys don’t cry or don’t cry like a girl.
  • These are few instances where discrimination is done without any suitable reasons of such beliefs.
  • When these jobs are paid for, men are ready to take up these works.
  • Most tailors or cooks in hotels are men as they get paid for it .
  • Similarly, it is not that women do not work outside their home.
  • In villages, women fetch water, collect fuel and work in the fields.
  • In urban areas, poor women work as domestic helper in middle class homes, while
  • middle class women work in offices.
  • In fact the majority of women do some sort of paid work in addition to domestic labour.
  • But their work is not valued and does not get recognition
image courtesy- Unicef
Feminist: A woman or a man who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women and men.
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