Power Sharing: NCERT Lessons For Class 10th

The Lesson is Designed in the form of useful notes on power sharing topic for class 10th.

Important questions on power sharing are also included in the lesson.

  • All powers do not rest with any one organ of the state.
  • There must be a sharing of power among the legislature, executive and judiciary.
  • In this Lesson the forms of power sharing in modern democracies have been discussed.
  • Starting with Belgium and Sri Lanka,it can be seen how power is shared in these countries.
  • We will also understand about the vertical division of power among the different levels of governments and that it is the major form of power sharing in modern democracies.

Topics Covered

  • What is Power Sharing
  • The case of Belgium
  • The case of Sri Lanka
  • Accommodation in Belgium
  • Why Power Sharing is Desirable
  • Forms of Power Sharing
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