Why Power sharing is desirable

Why Power sharing is desirable



1. It reduces the possibility of conflicts.

2. It provides stability to the government.


1. Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy.

2. people have a right to be consulted on how they are to be governed

Khalil’s Dilemma

  • Khalil lived in the city of Beirut
  • Khalil’s father was an orthodox Christian and mother was a Sunni Muslim
  • People from various communities living in Lebanon came to live in Beirut, its capital
  • Lebanon’s leader laid down some basic rules for power sharing among different community
  • As per these rules, the country’s president must being to the Maronite sect of Catholic Christians
  • The Prime Minister must be a Sunni Muslim
  • The Deputy Prime Minister’s post is fixed for the Orthodox Christians
  • The position of the speaker is for the Shia Muslim
  • Khalil is not happy with the rules laid down by the Lebanese leaders
  • He is a popular man with a political ambition
  • He does not follow any religion, neither his fathers’ nor his mothers’
  • As per Khalil, an election (referendum) should be held
  • Everyone should be allowed to participate
  • The one with the maximum votes should be elected as the President no matter which community he/she belongs to
  • On the other hand, his elders who have seen bloodshed in the civil war, are happy with the present system i.e. position reserved for a particular community only because this system guarantees for peace
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