How Is a Major Policy Decision Taken?

Government Order:

  • The decisions on policies are taken through government order. It is also known as Office Memorandum.
  • Office Memorandum is the regular government orders that makes decision regarding the policies that effects the public.
An Example of Office Memorandum by Government Of India
An Example of Office Memorandum by Government Of India

The Decision Makers:

  • Behind the making of the major policy decisions, an entire body of government is working.
  • It is a long chain of hierarchy which includes even the President, on whose name the major policy will be executed.
  • The Prime minister, the head of the government, and the minister of the responsible ministry or department who deliberates on the policy and makes the final decision.
  • The government officials that includes the civil servants perform the groundwork and implements the policy in practical scenario.

The Political Institutions:

  • The making of major policy decisions and their implementations need proper political arrangements, formalities, rules and regulations. They are together called institutions.
  • The Prime minister and the top cabinet ministers together constitutes an institution.
  • Also, the Supreme Court which evaluates the policy again represents an institution.
Political Institutions of India
Political Institutions of India(source:
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