Micro Organism Basics Class 8th Science

Microorganisms-  The organisms which cant be seen in naked eyes are called micro organisms or microbe.

  • Some of can be seen with microscope.

Characteristics of micro-organisms

  • Microorganisms may occur s a single cell or a collection of cells
  • They are very small in size.. Cant be seen with naked eyes.
  • As they can be seen with microscope so they are called microorganisms
  • They are found everywhere – in air ,in water ,in thesoil, desert and also inside the body pf living organisms
  • They are capable of existing in extreme conditions temperature froming a hard layer called cyst.
  • when get favurable conditions they get out of the shells and multiply.
  • Some microorganisms are helpful to us. while few other causes diseases.
  • There are four major groups of micro-organisms





Viruses- They are sub micro organisms that hav ethe characteristics f both living and non living things.

The name of the viruses are derived from the respective hosts or the disease they cause


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