Asexual Reproduction

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Asexual Reproduction

  • There are several methods of asexual reproduction in animals.
  • Example Binary Fission, Budding,Fragmentaion, Regeneration etc.

Binary Fission in amoeba

  • This method is very common in in organisms like amoeba and paramecium
  • The organism starts the process by divison of its body into two. each part with a nucleus.
  • Finally the daughter amoebae are produced from one parent Amoeba.
  • The daughter amoeba can grow into full size.

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The Process in which an individual reproduces by dividing into two individuals is called binary fission.

Budding in hydra

  • Budding is commonly seen in hydra.
  • In this animal one or more small builb like projections outgrowth from the body.
  • These are called buds.
  • These buds are responsible for giving rise to new individuals
  • The parent hydra divides into two.
  • Then one of the two nuclei passes into the bud.
  • The bud detaches itself from the parent body and it grows into a new individual.

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  • This method of asexual reproduction is called budding.

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