Life Lines of Economy- Geography NCERT Class 10th

We use different materials and services in our daily life. Some of these are available in our immediate surroundings, while other requirements are met by bringing things from other places. Goods and services do not move from supply locales to demand locales on their own. The movement of these goods and services from their supply locations to demand locations necessitates the need for transport.

Today, India is well-linked with the rest of the world despite its vast size, diversity and linguistic and socio-cultural plurality. Railways, airways, waterways, newspapers, radio, television, cinema and internet, etc. have been contributing to its socio-economic progress in many ways. The trades from local to international levels have added to the vitality of its economy. 

In this chapter, you will see how modern means of transport and communication serve as lifelines of our nation and its modern economy. This chapter will cover the following topics:

1.Transport – Roadways, Railways, Pipelines, Waterways, Airways
2. Communication
3. International Trade
4. Tourism as a Trade

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