Classification of Resources


  • A resource is any substance that holds a Utility or Usability these are those substances that people need and value.
  • In other words
  • Anything which is technologically accessible, economically feasible, culturally feasible and can be used to satisfy human needs is RESOURCES.
Example of resources
Example of resources

Classification of Resources:

  1. On the basis of origin:
    1. BIOTIC: Resources which have life it includes human beings, flora and fauna, animals etc.
    2. ABIOTIC: Resources composed of non-living things are called abiotic resources it includes rocks, metals etc.
  2. On the basis of Exhaustability
    1. Renewable: Resources which can be renewed/reproduced through physical, chemical and mechanical process, it includes solar and wind energy, forest, wildlife etc.
    2. Non-Renewable: Resources which cannot be renewed once replenished, it includes fossil fuels.
  3. On the basis of ownership:
    1. Individual Resources: Resources owned by individuals, it includes farmers land, plantation, plots, houses etc.
    2. Community Resources: Resources owned or in a way accessible to all members of a community, it includes burial grounds, village ponds, grazing grounds, playground etc
    3. National Resources: Basically it includes everything in a nation even the private properties but broadly looking it includes water resources, forests, wildlife, land and ocean within political boundaries.
    4. International Resources: Resources regulated by international institutions, it includes oceanic resources beyond 200 nautical miles.

D).On the basis of the status of development:

*Potential Resources: Resources which have hidden potential of being a good resource but it is not being utilised such as Rajasthan in India have potential for the development of wind and solar energy but it is not being utilised.

*Developed Resources: Resources whose quality and quantity have been determined through survey and can be used based on their level of feasibility and technology.

*Stock: Resources which have been known but are not utilised due to lack of technology such as enormous heat energy below earth surface is known but it is not being utilised properly.

*Reserves: Resources which can be put to use with existing technology and can be used in future such as hydroelectric power of the river.


Types of Resources
Types of Resources
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