A New Administration and Army Ncert Class 8th

New Administration- From Trade to Territory

For showing areas under British control

  • Warren Hasting (1773-1785) played a significant role in the expansion of the power of the company and introduced many reforms. By this time Bombay, Madras along with Bengal was under British administration. 
  • British divided their territories into administrative units called Presidencies: Bengal, Madras and Bombay.  
  • A new system of justice was established in 1772, and each district was divided into two courts- Criminal (Faujdari) and civil (Diwani Adalat) court

to show law

  • Maulvis and Hindu pundits interpreted Indian laws for Europeans in civil courts and criminal courts were under Qazi and mufti supervised by collectors. 
  • Hindu laws were compiled by pandits by 1775 and Muslim laws by 1778
  • A new Supreme court and a court of appeal- The Sadar Nizamat Adalat were established at Calcutta under the Regulating Act of 1773

To show calcutta High court

  • Each Indian district had a collector whose office was the centre of power, and he used to collect tax and revenue, maintain law and order with help of judges, police officers and Drogas. 
  • The British military was an evolved one unlike Mughals, they learned from various wars and thus the armies were trained in European-styletechnologically advanced as and more disciplined and regulated

Tos how colonial military

  • The army was called sepoy and infantry was given up hand over the cavalry. 
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