Let’s recall- From Trade to Territory Ncert Class 8th

Solution Let’s Recall- From Trade to Territory

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1. Match the following 


Diwani                             –            right to collect land revenue 

Tiger of Mysore              –            Tipu Sultan 

Faujdari Adalat              –            Criminal court 

Rani Channamma         –             led an anti-British movement in Kitoor 

Sipahi                              –             Sepoy 


2. Fill in the blanks 

A) The British conquest of Bengal began with the Battle of-Buxar 

B) Haidar Ali and tipu sultan were the rulers of – Mysore 

C) Dalhousie implemented the Doctrine of– Lapse

D) Maratha kingdoms were located mainly in the south-western part of India.


3. True or False 

 A) The Mughal empire became stronger in the eighteenth century-FALSE

Explanation: The Mughal empire declined during the18th century after the death of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb in 1707.

B) The English East India Company was the only European company that traded with India –FALSE

Explanation: Along with the European company, the Dutch, French and Portuguese company were also there.

C) Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the ruler of Punjab –TRUE

D) The British did not introduce administrative changes in the territories they conquered-FALSE

Explanation: they brought many new changes like the three settlement systems in the territories they conquered.

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