Extra Questions-How When and Where Ncert Class 8th

Extra Questions- How When and Where


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Very Short Answer Type:

A) Who created the first map and on whose demand?

James Rennel in 1782, on-demand of Robert Clive.

B) Who was given the title of Duke of Connaught?

Prince Arthur

C) Who was the first Governor-General of India?

Warren Hastings

Short Answer Type :

1. Why are dates important to history?

Dates are keen to history as they reflect upon the particular events of the particular time in history, which gives us information about our past developments which are important to build a better future. 

2.  What is the need to periodize history?

Periodization is important to capture the characteristics of a time, its central feature as they appear to us. So to demarcate the difference between each period of time in history, it helps us to see the significance of the change from one period to the next.

3. Why did the British came to India?

British initially came to India with the only intention of trade, they were attracted to huge profits earned by the traders from India and hence they want to expand their trade in India and earn huge profits. There was no intention of annexation or political control initially.

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