Records of History Ncert Class 8th



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National Archive of India, New Delhi
  •  Britishers gave high importance to maintaining the official record of everything for future studies and debates.
  • They set up record rooms in all the administrative institutions and created specialized institutions like archivesmuseums and botanical gardens.
  • With the advent of printing in the middle of the 19th century, printing copies of records were produced as proceedings of each government department. 
  • Surveys were started by the early 19th century to map the entire country. They were done for all matters like revenue, soil, cropping patterns to know everything about the region to be administered. 
  • Census started at the end of 19th century, along with botanical, zoological, anthropological, forest surveys etc. 

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  • The records can be biased and made to maintain the government image. The diaries of people, newspapers, journalsautobiographies were the other sources which help to know about the real experience of people at the time, but they were also limited to literates. 

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  • The advertisements also help as a record to understand the cultural, political situations of the time.
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