Extra Questions- Ruling the Countryside Ncert Class 8th

Extra Questions- Ruling The Countryside

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1. How did the company had purchased good in India before 1865?

By importing gold and silver from Britain.

2. Who was the Governor-General of  India during the time of Permanent Settlement?

Charles Cornwallis

3. Who was recognised as Zamindars in Permanent settlement?

Rajas and Taluqdars.

4. Which colour of dye is used for Morris prints?

Blue colour

5. When does the Slave revolt in St Domingue took place?


Short Answer Type

1. What power does Diwani provided to the Company?

The company got Diwani of Bengal in 1765, as Diwan company became the chief financial administrator of the territory under its control, it had to think of administering the land and organising its revenue resources. The company used it as a chance to earn maximum profits from its trade. 

2. How does Diwani helped Company?

With Diwani company collected huge revenues, and expanded its trade, within five years the value of goods bought by the company in Bengal doubled. Now the company does not have to import gold and silver from Britain to purchase goods in India instead, the revenue collected in Bengal financed the purchase of goods for export.

3. Why Nij cultivation did not succeed less?

Nij cultivation did not succeed because:

  • The planters found it difficult to expand the area under nij cultivation.
  • A large amount of labour was required for that, and
  • It required many ploughs and bullocks.
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