India and the Contemporary World: Class 10th History

Course on History for Class 10th

  • We live in a world where the existence of nations is taken for granted.
  • We see people as belonging to nations and having a nationality, and we assume that this sense of belonging has existed from time immemorial.
  • We consider countries the same as nations, and use the two terms as synonyms, making little distinction between them.
  • We think of countries as unified entities, each with a demarcated international boundary.

Updated Syllabus for History for Class 10th

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

  • The French Revolution and the Idea of the Nation
  • The Making of Nationalism in Europe
  • The Age of Revolutions: 1830-1848
  • The Making of Germany and Italy
  • Visualizing the Nation
  • Nationalism and Imperialism

Nationalism in India

  • The First World War, Khilafat and Non -Cooperation
  • Differing Strands within the Movement
  • Towards Civil Disobedience
  • The Sense of Collective Belonging

The Sections mentioned below will not come in the Board Exam but it can be assessed in the Periodic Test.

Only One lesson out of the 2 will be assessed in the School Exam.

  1. The Making of a Global World
  • The Pre-modern world
  • The Nineteenth Century (1815-1914)
  • The Interwar Economy
  • Rebuilding a World Economy: The Post-War Era
  1. The Age of Industrialization
  • Before the Industrial Revolution
  • Hand Labour and Steam Power
  • Industrialization in the colonies
  • Factories Come Up
  • Peculiarities of Industrial Growth
  • Market for Goods

Map Works for History Class 10th Board exam

Chapter – 3 Nationalism in India – (1918 – 1930) for Locating and Labelling


  1. Indian National Congress Sessions:
  2. Calcutta (Sep. 1920)
  3. Nagpur (Dec. 1920)
  4. Madras (1927)
  5. Important Centres of Indian National Movement
  6. Champaran (Bihar) – Movement of Indigo Planters
  7. Kheda (Gujarat) – Peasant Satyagrah
  8. Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Cotton Mill Workers Satyagraha
  9. Amritsar (Punjab) – Jallianwala Bagh Incident
  10. Chauri Chaura (U.P.) – Calling off the Non-Cooperation Movement
  11. Dandi (Gujarat) – Civil Disobedience Movement
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