Rise of Nationalism In Europe

Nationalism is an idea, feeling and a movement which promotes a sense of unity among a group people sharing a common interests, needs, historical background, cultural attributes, linguistic or even religious proximities.

The French Flag
The French Flag


Nationalism is an abstract concept that drives people to unite into a nation where they ensure sovereignty, territory and a state.

Nationalism in Europe emerged gradually throughout the ages but can be particularly dated back to the French Revolution of 1789. Since then, nationalism spread across Europe and resulted in formation of several nations.

The painting depicting the nationalism of various European nations
The Dream of Worldwide Democratic and Social Republics – The Pact Between Nations, a print prepared by Frédéric Sorrieu, 1848(source: Wikipedia)

This lesson will cover the following topic:

  1. French revolution and idea of a nation
  2. The making of Nationalism in Europe
  3. The Age of revolutions(1830-1848)
  4. Making of Germany and Italy
  5. Visualizing the nation
  6. Nationalism and Imperialism
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