Map Items Practice and Learn For Class 10th Social Science

  • This Course Covers the Map Items for the Social Science Class 10th Board Exams.
  • The Maps are made Interactive to Practice and Play with It.
  • First, learn the basics of the Maps.
  • Then Play around the Maps to Practice Remember.

Maps Covered

Maps For History For class 10th Exam

1. Nationalism in India – (1918 – 1930) for Locating and Labelling / Identification

1. Indian National Congress Sessions: 2. Important Centres of Indian National Movement
a. Calcutta (Sep. 1920)
b. Nagpur (Dec. 1920)
c. Madras (1927)
a. Champaran (Bihar) – Movement of Indigo Planters
b. Kheda (Gujarat) – Peasant Satyagrah22
c. Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Cotton Mill Workers Satyagraha
d. Amritsar (Punjab) – Jallianwala Bagh Incident
e. Chauri Chaura (U.P.) – Calling off the Non-Cooperation Movement
f. Dandi (Gujarat) – Civil Disobedience Movement

B. GEOGRAPHY (Outline Political Map of India)

Chapter 1: Resources and Development (Identification only)
a. Major soil Types

Chapter 4: Agriculture (Identification only)
a. Major areas of Rice and Wheat
b. Largest / Major producer states of Sugarcane, Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cotton and

Chapter 3: Water Resources (Locating and Labelling)
a. Salal
b. Bhakra Nangal
c. Tehri
d. Rana Pratap Sagar
e. Sardar Sarovar
f. Hirakud
g. Nagarjuna Sagar
h. Tungabhadra
Chapter 5: Minerals and Energy Resources
Power Plants (Locating and Labelling only)
a. Thermal
b. Nuclear
Chapter 6: Manufacturing Industries (Locating and Labelling Only)
Cotton Textile Industries:
a. Mumbai
b. Indore
c. Surat
d. Kanpur
e. Coimbatore

Iron and Steel Plants:
a. Durgapur
b. Bokaro
c. Jamshedpur
d. Bhilai
e. Vijaynagar
f. Salem

Software Technology Parks:
a. Noida
b. Gandhinagar
c. Mumbai
d. Pune
e. Hyderabad
f. Bengaluru
g. Chennai
h. Thiruvananthapuram

International Airports:
a. Amritsar (Raja Sansi)
b. Delhi (Indira Gandhi International)
c. Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji)
d. Chennai (Meenam Bakkam)

Chapter 7: Lifelines of National Economy (Locating and Labelling)
Major Ports:
a. Kandla
b. Mumbai
c. Marmagao
d. New Mangalore
e. Kochi
f. Tuticorin
g. Chennai
h. Vishakhapatnam
i. Paradip
j. Haldia


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