Important Centers of Indian National Movement

  • In 1917 Gandhiji was requested to look into the problems of the farmers in the context of indigo planters of Champaran in Bihar.
  • Kheda Satyagraha: In Kheda, on the request of the local peasant leaders, Gandhi decided to support the struggle of the peasants for revenue remission in 1918
  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Gandhiji organized satyagraha in favor of cotton mill workers in 1918 at Ahmedabad.
  • The Chauri Chaura incident took place on 4 February 1922 at Chauri Chaura in the Gorakhpur district of the United Province (modern Uttar Pradesh) when a large group of protesters participating in the Non-cooperation movement, clashed with police who opened fire.
  • Mahatma Gandhi launched the Civil Disobedience Movement with his famous Dandi March, which began on 12th March 1930 and ended on April 6th, 1930.

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