Location and Map of Iron and Steel Plants in India

  • The history of iron anti steel industry in India is nearly 4000 years old.
  • The famous iron pillar near Qutab Minar is dating back to 350 AD.
  • The real progress in the iron and steel industry was made in 1907 when J.N. Tata established the smelting factory at Sakchi (the former name of Jamshedpur).
  • It was during the Second Five year plan integrated iron and steel plants were established
    at Bhilai, Durgapur, and Raurkela.
  • The Bokaro Iron and Steel Plant was established with the help of Russian government in 1964.
  • The Steel Authority of India (SAIL), was set up in January 1973.
  • In the Fifth Five-Year Plan, it was resolved to set up four new iron and steel plants at Paradwip, Salem, Vijaynagar, and Vishakhapatnam. 

Play With Maps below to learn and remember the Map of Iron and Steel Plants in India 🙂

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