Indian Constitution



  • India is the largest democratic country around the globe and is bounded by the set of rules known as Constitution; specifically known as Indian Constitution.
  • It’s a type of rule book for fair-play of the country for their citizens, governments etc.
  • If the rule is violated, punishment under the constitution in respect with the gravity of offence is provided by judiciary, police and other governmental bodies.
  • The provided punishments can not be overruled for the VIPs of the country i.e. ministers, bureaucrats, even to the PM and President of the nation because the law is same for everybody in the nation irrespective of the position and power.
  • There are Six (6) Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of India provided to each and every citizen of the nation.

After India became an Independent Nation, one thing remained to be done then was to work out the ways in which the democratic government would be set up in INDIA and the rules that would determine its functioning, this led to the birth of INDIAN CONSTITUTION.

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