Q.1 Why does a democratic country needs Constitution?

Ans. Democratic country is the country where the power of electing the government of particular state, is on public of the country.

Reasons for the need of constitution:

  1. This is an examplery rulebook for governing the country.
  2. It helps to define the fundamental rights, and the nature of the political parties of the nation.
  3. It helps all the bodies of the government to perform in their full ethics.

Q.2 What would happen if there were no restrictions on the power of elected representatives?

Ans. In a democratic country like India, all their citizens of the country are responsible for electing their respective political leaders or government. The restriction is provided because the leaders may misuse their power for their personal benefits, or for any evil cause.

Q.3 The column on the left lists some of the key features of the Indian Constitution. In the other column write two sentences, in your own words, on why you think this feature is important:

Federalism: Country like India, the people of the country lives at the different levels so one level of government cannot cover; this led to the introduction of the concept of federalism.
Separation of Powers: India have 3 systems for the governance i.e. executive, lagislature and the judiciary. These organs adheres their different powers.
Fundamental Rights: The Constitution of India provides their every citizens the fundamental rights irrespective of the caste, religion, name etc.
Parliamentary Form of Government: A government system in India is like parliamentary form of government, where the government get in power whose party has highest number of seats in the elections and the highest leader of that particular party is sworn as Prime Minister or Chief Minister of the nation or State.

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