What is a Worker’s Worth?

What is a Worker’s Worth?

  • One of the main reasons why foreign companies lead toward India is the cheap labour.
  • Additional expenses such as for housing facilities for workers are also fewer. Thus, companies can save costs and earn higher profits.
  • Cost cutting can also be done by other more dangerous means.
  • The period of safety training for workers was brought down from 6 months to 15 days! The post of night-shift worker for the MIC plant was abolished.
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Enforcement of Safety Laws

source: google images
  • As the lawmaker and enforcer, the government is supposed to ensure that safety laws are implemented.
  • It is also the duty of the government to ensure that the Right to Life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution is not violated.
  • The safety laws were lax in India. Second, even these weak safety laws were not enforced.
  • Government officials refused to recognise the plant as hazardous and allowed it to come up in a populated locality.
  • With more industries being set up both by local and foreign businesses in India, there is a great need for stronger laws protecting workers’ rights and better enforcement of these laws.
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