What is the role of Independent Judiciary

What is the role of Independent Judiciary?

source: www.quotehd.com
  • Independent Judiciary is the concept that the judiciary should be kept independent from the other form of government i.e. the courts should not be the subject to the improper influence from the other branches of government.
  • One of the major aspects of the independent judiciary is “separation of power”.
  • For the above separation of power to work, it is also crucial that all judges in the High Court as well as the Supreme Court are appointed with very little intervention from these other branches of government.
  • The courts are not under the government and do not act on their behalf.
  • Once appointed to this office, it is also very difficult to remove a judge.
  • It is the independence of the judiciary that allows the courts to play a central role in ensuring that there is no misuse of power by the legislature and the executive.
  • It also plays a crucial role in protecting the Fundamental Rights of citizens because anyone can approach the courts if they believe that their rights have been violated.
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