What is the Role of Judiciary

What is the Role of the Judiciary?


The courts take action on a very large number of issues!

The judicial system of the country have the power to decide that:

  • No teacher can beat students.
  • Water disputes among states.
  • Punishment to people for their crime.

To be specific about the judicial system of the country, the role can be divided boldly into:

  • Dispute Resolution: The judicial system provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between citizens, between citizens and the government, between two state governments and between the centre and state governments.
  • Judicial Review: As the final interpreter of the Constitution, the judiciary also has the power to strike down particular laws passed by the Parliament if it believes that these are a violation of the basic structure of the Constitution. This is called judicial review.
  • Upholding the Law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights: Every citizen of India can approach the Supreme Court or the High Court if they believe that their Fundamental Rights have been violated.
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