NCERT Class 8 Lesson 7 Understanding Marginalisation

Understanding Marginalisation


Overview of the chapter is that:

  • To be marginalised is to be forced to occupy the sides or fringes and thus not be at the centre of things.
  • This is a thing that some of you have probably experienced in the classroom or playground.
  • Sometimes, marginalised groups are viewed with hostility and fear. This sense of difference and exclusion leads to communities not having access to resources and opportunities and in their inability to assert their rights.
  • Marginalisation is seldom experienced in one sphere.
  • Economic, social, cultural and political factors work together to make certain groups in society feel marginalised.

The chapter includes the following topics:

  1. Who are Adivasis?
  2. Adivasis and Stereotyping
  3. Adivasis and Development
  4. Minorities and Marginalisation
  5. Conclusion
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