Q.1 Write in your own words two or more sentences of what you understand by the word ‘marginalisation’?

Ans. The word Marginalisation refers to the confinement to the social class or in more simple language we can say that the exclusion from the mainstream section of the society. The marginalisation of any community or people because:

  1. They following the different sections.
  2. The are speaking the different languages.
  3. Belonging to a very different religion of the minority community.

Q.2 List two reasons why Adivasis are becoming increasingly marginalised?

Ans. The community of adivasis in India is increasingly marginalised due to many reasons:

  1. The latest changes of the forest law have diprived the adivasis community from the forest produce.
  2. The Increase in Industrialisation has led to the migration of many tribal groups from the various parts of the country from new destination.

Q.3 Write one reason why you think the Constitution’s safeguards to protect minority communities are very important?

Ans. The main reason of the constitutional’s safeguards to protect the minority communities are important because the majority community may culturally, physically and mentally dominate them; so making them free from each type of domination, the constitution’s safegaurd is necessary.

Q.4 . Re-read the section on Minorities and Marginalisation. What do you understand by the term minority?

Ans. Those community which are very small in number relatively to the rest of the population. These communities have very less percentage as compared to the higher population community. Muslims in India have 13.4% of its total population, so they are considered as minority in India.

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