NCERT Class 8 Lessson 6 Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Understanding Our Criminal Justice System


The following chapter revolves around the criminal proceedings of the Judicial System.

The readers will also have the Insight that, What is the role of the judiciary in the criminal justice system?

The chapter has major focus with the following topics:

  1. What is the Role of the Police in Investigating a Crime?
  2. What is the Role of the Public Prosecutor?
  3. What is the Role of the Judge?
  4. What is a Fair Trial?
source: google images/the balance

Now, let’s take a small overview of the chapter;

The basic actions that are being taken in the Criminal offences in respect with the Criminal Justice System of India are:

  • The first thing is that police registers FIR (First Information Report) after getting information of the criminal offences ( robbery, murder, theft etc.)
  • FIR registration leads to the investigation, collecting evidence.
  • The police therefore catch the culprit and get him/her to the jail.
  • The culprit has to be presented in the court for further proceedings.

This is the overview of the chapter and rest of the things you’ll learn gradually.

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