Q.1 What is FIR?

Ans. The Acronym FIR stands for First Information Report, it is the first thing to be done for the starting of any investigation when any type of misconduct takes place.

Q.2 What are the rights provided in Article 22 of the Indian Constitution?

Ans. The Article 22 of the Indian Constitution is basically the Rights for the criminals:

  1. The arrested person have every right to know why is he being arrested?
  2.  The arrested person have to be presented in-front of the court within the 24hrs of the arrest.
  3. The arrested person have every right for not to be ill treated.
  4.  A boy under 15 years of age and a women cannot be called to police station only for questioning.
  5.  The confession made in Police custody is not valid.

Q.3 What is the role of the police in Criminal Justice System?

Ans. The role of police in the Criminal Justice System of the India is that, they have to conduct the investigation and arrest the culprit.

Q.4 Describe the Criminal Justice System?

Ans. Criminal  justice system is the court the epitome of “justice”, which controls the enquiry of the voilated law or the crime by the body or by any individuals.

Q.5 What is the role of the Judge?

Ans. The judge in the court is same as the umpire in the field.

  1. It is to make sure by the judge that no one can influence the hearing.
  2. It is the duty of the judge to examine the culprit and accused both in the court.
  3. Only judge is responsible for the examination of the evidences that they are vulnerable or not.
  4. The Judge is also responsible to conduct the fair trail of the case.
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