Why Should People decide?

Why should people decide?


As we all know that, India got independence on 15th, August 1947. Preceding to this many Indians laid down their lives and their opinion mattered when fighting all the odds for independence.

  • People from various backgrounds joined the movement as they were inspired from the ideas of freedom, equality etc.
  • The persons who joined the movement were highly inspired by the role in decision making.
  • During the british rule, if someone opposes their decision they have to face grave danger.
  • In 1855, the INC decided there should be an elected member in the assembly for the budget and to ask questions.
  • This led to the Government of India 1909 Act, some of the elected representatives in the assembly.
  • The people’s decision affects the government to understand every citizen through their policies.

People and their representatives

  • The lift-off point for any of the democracy is the idea of consent i.e. the desire, participation of the people.
  • The basic idea for this is that every individual is a very important person.


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