NCERT 8 Lesson 9 Public Facilities

Public Facilities

  • This chapter uses water as the primary example to discuss public facilities.
  • It is important that the student understand quite clearly what is meant by the idea of public facilities and why the government needs to play a crucial role in their provision and, therefore, take overall responsibility.
  • The idea of equity, or the equal availability, affordability and quality of water for all, is one of the key issues related to public facilities that the chapter highlights.
  • In the classroom discussion, it is crucial to separate the discussion on the importance of the government’s role in providing public facilities from their current unequal provision.
  • This means that the fact that persons currently get different amounts of water should not be viewed as a reason for the government not being able to provide public facilities.

TOPICS in this chapter:

  1. Water and the People of Chennai
  2. Water as Part of the Fundamental Right to Life
  3. Public Facilities
  4. The Government’s Role
  5. Water Supply to Chennai: Is it Available to All?
  6. In Search of Alternatives
  7. Conclusion
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