In search of Alternatives

In Search of Alternatives

  • The situation in Chennai is not unique. A similar scenario of shortages and acute crisis during the summer months is common to other cities of India.
  • The shortage in municipal water is increasingly being filled by an expansion of private companies who are selling water for profit.
  • A shortage of municipal water is often taken as a sign of failure of the government.

Consider the following facts:

  1. Throughout the world, water supply is a function of the government. There are very few instances of private water supply.
  2. There are areas in the world where public water supply has achieved universal access.
  3. Within India, there are cases of success in government water departments, though these are few in number and limited to certain areas of their work.



  • Public facilities relate to our basic needs and the Indian Constitution recognises the right to water, heath, education etc as being a part of the Right to Life.
  • There is a shortage in supply and there are inequalities in distribution.


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